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11 Apr

It has just occurred to me that I must be growing up lol. I have always been reluctant to put my work up online in fear that ‘MY’ work would get stolen and the glory would then go to someone else. Or that they in fact will ‘steal’ my ideas etc and make it better than I did. I’m still not overly keen on online distribution, however, it has given me the chance to showcase myself in a small way and gain the much-needed confidence I need!! 😀



Beach April 2011

11 Apr

Summer, it feels is officially here, so to celebrate the nice weather while it lasts I decided to head down the beach and see where the world of ‘peripatetic’ could lie. There are numerous definitions to the word ‘peripatetic’, describing going from place to place or movement in a more generalised manner. So, in that instance th possibilities are endless.

The method behind the three images are:

Photograph of myself: the wind, which in itself is ‘peripatetic’, is whistling around taking comfort in sending my hair in the direction of the wind, resulting in my hair also inhabiting the term ‘peripatetic’. The sea in the background is also a regular occurence which travels from place to place throughout the day’s events.

One Man and His Dog: this image to me screams out ‘peripatetic’. One man, who travels in his electric buggie to get around daily, to include taking his dog out for a walk. The buggie allows him to travel place to place over a short period of time.

One Girl and Her Legs: personallyI think people under estimate how much their legs are worth. They enable us to walk and experience life more readily. They do infact help us to travel from place to place, therefore making ourselves ‘peripatetic’.

‘Peripatetic’ possible images.

9 Apr

Image taken from my Vision Machine project.

Image taken from my Vision Machine project.

I was looking through some photographs that I have taken, which I could include in the exhibition project. These photographs could appear in the book as they demonstrate signs of ‘peripatetic’ circumstances.


Artist Statement – initial, quick draft.

9 Apr

Per-i-pat-et-ic: Adjective: Travelling from place to place, esp. working or based in various places for relatively short periods.

A theme that has endless possibilities and a chance to explore the unknown, which will be done as a group and as an individual also. ‘Peripatetic’ is a chance to challenge the concepts and conventions of an exhibition, and going against them.

Being an artist myself whom challenges the conventions of photography, I am able to link my work method with the process of distributing the work. The images themselves will convey the term ‘peripatetic’ in some way and manifest themselves into a book. This collection of images will then be shown to the public through the distribution of the book in libraries, shops etc.

The concept is to help question what an exhibition is and how we see it.