Our ‘peripatetic’ walk route.

23 May

On the 20th May, we as a group of artists involved with the ‘This Is Not a White Cube’ exhibition embarked on a walk of Worthing as a method of review and summarise each of pieces of work that is involved with this project.

We mapped out our route, starting at Worthing Station, and worked out various points on the route where everyone could review/’show’ their work and approach. Our route would end at the Vinters Parrot, which links in with Flee’s approach to using beer mats.

Our points of interest were as follows:

  • Meet at Worthing Station.
  • Proceed to Hollie’s where we looked and comments on Tony’s work on Flickr.
  • Enroute, Josh sent us his images via multimedia text message, Hollie, Lucy and Kieran left their ‘mark’ through Teville Gate and onwards into town and the pier.
  • Myself and Ed ‘showed’ our work on Worthing Pier.
  • At the end of the pier we let loose our ‘message in a bottle’ into the sea.
  • Leading to our final destination – The Vinters Parrot. Here we looked at Flee’s beer mats.


Our ‘message in a bottle’ was a little something extra where we all contributed something to do with our own approach and work and threw it into the sea – where the bottle started its own ‘peripatetic’ journey. We also set the mood by having ‘Message In a Bottle’ by The Police playing in the background 😀

(My video of the ‘message in a bottle’ event can be seen on the Not A White Cube Facebook site)

Below is a slideshow of some of the photographs I took of the walk 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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