Minor Project.

31 Oct

For my Minor Project this year I’m interested in using Instant Photography as my theme.

Since I got my iPhone I have used the camera on it so much more than my previous phone. The camera on it isn’t too bad and it is a great way to take snap shots as I always have my phone on me. I consider myself a more ‘impulse’ photographer rather than a ‘planned’ or ‘structured’ photographer. I really enjoy taking photographs ‘in the moment’ and capturing some natural images. I love photography and what you can capture. I always feel I’m missing out on something if I don’t stop and make sure I take a photograph. I constantly want to make a photographic memory for myself  and using such mediums as my phone is ideal. The camera on it my not be top dollar but I really like the aesthetic nature of it.

What is great with the iPhone is the ability to download apps and be more creative with the appearance and aesthetics of the images. You can achieve some fantastic results at the tip of your fingers. It is so easy people all over the world have the ability to take photographs and get some good images from it. Dependent on which app you use etc. you are able to publish your images online and allow other people to view and ‘follow’ you in order for them to track the photographs you are taking. You are able to ‘Like’ and comment on photos, in a form of social networking. With modern technology, such as an iPhone, you have the ability to capture, edit and share your images at the palm of your hand. Everything you need it right there in one place.


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