Modern Polaroid.

30 Nov

Modern technology, I don’t understand! It strives, at times, to mimic the aesthetic of analogue. If people wanted so much to have photographs that looked analogue then why not just use analogue? We have the materials, however, people decide not to use it. This is why such materials, like Polaroid get to the stages of ceased production. People get lazy in using the genuine artefacts and use what is to hand, such as mobile phones. Using modern technologies has taken over modern society and the convenience is near enough immediate.

On my iPhone for example, there  are numerous apps that allow the aesthetics of an authentic polaroid photographic image. I have one called ‘ShakeItPhoto’, it is a mimic of a polaroid that allows you to take a photo (or use an existing photograph), shake the image so that it develops that then forms a finished digital Polaroid. If wanted, you can then send the image via e-mail, multi-media message or even upload to social networking sites. These are some of my digital Polaroids:

Like anything there are numerous companies that produce similar software in order for you to do this. Even Polaroid has created its own digital rendition of the original instant Polaroid fashion. These are a couple screen shots taken from the iPhone App Store of the Polariod Instant Cam app:


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