21st Century Polaroid.

5 Dec

Technology has changed a lot over the years since the original Polaroid and those developments have not stopped. I was doing some research into instant photography and Polaroid and came across something that shocked me at first, but having looked at it online I am now intrigued by it. This research resulted in me becoming face-to-face with a new Polaroid camera…a new DIGITAL Polaroid camera.

Below is the new Polaroid Z-340 camera, which is being introduced as the new instant camera. The camera has a high quality 14 megapixel camera, with an additional 2.7″ LCD display that allows you to see the image before you print it. The concept of placing film (or in this case paper) into the camera and the image is then ejected from the camera after taking the shot is still there, however, with this camera there is a delay between taking the camera and it then materialising as a physical image. As this Polaroid camera is digital it has features like an ordinary digital camera, for instance being able to dismiss and delete a photo before committing yourself to the finished artefact. Surely this fundamentally goes against what Polaroid is all about? Polaroid is a snap shot tool to capture things in the moment, to to capture something that could take several tries to get what is wanted. With this in mind, I’m stupidly finding myself drawn to the camera and its uses and modern perks. You can even choose to place the original Polaroid border around the image before you have it printed. It’s a strange phenomena, but I’m strangely drawn to it, even though I’m more of an original, analogue type girl.

A minor downside to this particular camera is that it retails at £229.99 (without paper), paper costing an additional £14.99 for 30 sheets, which in hindsight is cheaper than purchasing the original Polaroid film that retails at approx. £17 (plus p+p) for just 8 exposures. Digital has taken another lead into being a cheaper option to the original analogue approach.


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