13 Dec

On 1st December I had a tutorial with my tutor and I am struggling to recognise a theme or subject matter I could use for my minor project. Because of the nature of my project it is primarily the process itself that is more important than the subject matter in front of the camera. As I am looking into the phenomenon of the digital mimicking the analogue and how iPhone apps help produce the mimesis, I’m not sure of a specific ‘theme’ is therefore needed. However, because of how I work I always think that I need a subject matter that surrounds the project, as the photographs are the project. Through discussion with my tutor we noticed that coincidentally I have taken photographs that complement the chosen filter for the image. The filters are the key to the subject matter, they each represent a time or aesthetic that is common with a certain type of photograph. For example, (all using Instagram):

This image was taken with the ‘Toaster’ filter, which resembles the aesthetics of a Polaroid snap shot. With vivid colours and the white border mimicking the Polaroid image, the image suggests a happy, in-the-moment experience that means something to the photographer.

The image above was taken using the ‘1977’ filter. This again gives the effect of a Kodachrome/Polaroid snap shot, with the dreamy quality and white border around the outside of the image.

This image was taken using the ‘Toaster’ filter. Kodachrome images tended to be typically taken at the beach, enjoying family days out and taking snap shot images requiring little concentration and ‘in-the-moment’ events that are taken on family holidays etc.

This image, taken with the ‘Nashville’ filter is an example of snap shot photography and in my opinion is complimented with the correct filter. I think this because Fuji RVP slide film would have been a good film to use to show your snap shot images in a slide form, what better to snap shot than a family birthday meal.

This image was taken using ‘Gotham’ (an old filter). I think this compliments the image because it’s linking the old with the new…a younger me and an older me.


Progress within my project in terms of ‘subject matter’:

As highlighted above, certain ‘types’ of photography can be pin pointed to specific types of aesthetics, or filter in this case. The subject matter could relate back to the original origin within analogue photography eg. Polaroid = snap shot etc. Or I could mix things up and go against the convention of the original use. Deliberately going against what is ‘right’ for that type of image.



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