History of Camera Technology.

2 Jan

With the modern world at the peak of its diversity in technology, vast differences between today’s and the beginning of  the camera technology, there still remains the foundations and habits that occur in both the analogue and digital eras. For example; with the Polaroid App I have on my phone (‘ShakeItPhoto’) the digital mimesis seeks to aesthetically copy the faded colours of the image and create a more snap shot look to it. However, it also gets the photographer involved with the processing of the film by asking them to ‘shake’ the ‘polaroid’ (in this case the digital polaroid on the screen of your iPhone), it shakes on screen and slowly develops. The thing with this mimesis is that in the physical sense of the actual Polaroid, shaking the Polaroid doesn’t actually help to develop the the image any quicker or better. The digital mimics a mimic that wasn’t even true in the first place, it’s quite humorous. It seems to fake a fake rumour! With the digital mimesis, even if you do not shake the ‘Polaroid’ (iPhone) the image still develops but slightly slower. I just think it’s funny how it copies the action of the shaking and it never worked on the genuine article in the first place. It’s all very odd!


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