4 Jan

Another thing to think about when doing a project like mine is how am I going to materialise my project? There are many ways using Instagram as a foundation in creating secondary artefacts. On the Instagram website there is a list stating what companies/secondary sites support Instagram in creating or viewing your photographs in various forms. The list can be seen below:

I have investigated some of the listed sites and have found them to be quite useful. Firstly, there are sites that simply support Instagram images being viewed online in a larger scale. One particular web view site I like is ‘Insta-Great!’. It simply allows you to look at your own images, people who you are following and popular images on a larger scale.

1. You sign in using your Instagram log-in details and you are taken to the ‘Popular Photos’ page.

2. From there you can navigate to your own Instagram photos by clicking on the middle icon at the top left of the screen (looks like two rectangles). Here you can view your images on a larger scale in a form of a scroll bar.

3. By clicking on the heart symbol at the top left of the page, you are able to view all the images you have ‘liked’. Whether that includes your own or other people’s, they appear in the form of a scroll bar. Another feature is that you are able to see how many people have ‘liked’ your image, the day it was taken, what filter was used to create the image and the location it was taken (if that feature is turned on on your particular settings). This can be done by simply placing the cursor over the image.

4. You are also able to view images from the people whom you follow. You can do this by searching for them or clicking on their name if they have liked your image or commented on it.

Another good thing about Instagram is that it is supported by popular book publishing company ‘Blurb‘. There is a particular App on the Blurb website that allows you to log into your Instagram account and then Blurb automatically arranges the images into a book. You are able to adjust the layout, order of the images and add further images too. It is so simple to do.

I have made one myself using my Instagram images, it is so simple to use:

1. This is the Instagram book opening page (you are also able to use Facebook to create books too) where you are able to look up how much your book will cost, depending the the amount of pages, whether it’ll be a hard or soft cover, the paper quality etc. From here just click on the ‘Make an Instagram Book’ button.

2. This screen the asks you to log into your Instagram account…

3. …redirecting you to this screen where you are able to give your book a title and name the author.

4. Blurb then automatically starts uploading your Instagram images, ready to be put into your book.

5. Here, you are able to rearrange your images in your book if wanted and along the bottom is a scroll bar that shows all your uploaded images (it shows a green tick on the image if it within your book arrangement. You are allowed it in your book more than one time also.) You are also able to edit the background by clicking on the paint pallet at the bottom right of each page.
6. If for some reason Blurb didn’t upload all of your Instagram images (which is what happened with me), you are able to go to ‘Get Photos’ at the top of the page and click on the button that you wish to upload from. In my instance I uploaded more from Instagram.
7. Click on the Instagram Photos icon…
8. You are then able to select further images that you would like to include in your book. Select and then simply click ‘Continue’ and they will start uploading.
9. Once you are happy with the contents of your book, you can then preview your book in a way close to how it’ll look.
10. Once fully happy with your book having previewed it you can click the ‘Ready to Order’ button.
11. Having paid etc, Blurb  allows you publish your book publicly on Blurb’s Bookstore, where you are able to sell your book to the general public on their website.
12. Another good thing with Blurb is that not only can you sell your own books but you can set it up so that whenever you sell a book you can gain a profit from it, at your own choosing. The original cost of the book is still in place and will go to Blurb, however, whatever you set as your profit you keep.
13. You are also able to set a ‘Preview’ of your book to show people who may choose to look at it. This can vary from showing the whole book or just 15 pages. If you belong to Facebook you are also able to leave comments on the book too.
Then you sit back and wait for the arrival of your book!
This is a great way to publicly and physically show your Instagram images.
When thinking about it, the concept of Instagram is to mimic the aesthetics of analogue photographs and by printing these mimics you are then in a small way materialising the photographs you’ve created in the original ways of traditional analogue images; creating a full circle (starting with the original analogue and their prints – Digital mimicking the aesthetics of the analogue and coming in full circle by printing the images, which isn’t as common in digital formats).
Analogue in some ways is making a comeback.
Materialising your Instagram images can be done in some really diverse ways, obviously there is the option to put them into a book like I have done using Blurb, however, there are other various ways also. These could include producing them into postcards using websites like Postagram, but there are also ways more unusual like creating magnets with your images on and also producing an iPhone cover. For materialisation of my project I have decided to produce both an iPhone case and magnets to show the modern diversity of printing images that have developed upon the traditional analogue prints. Although the app strives to mimic the traditional aesthetics of analogue photography, the digital aspect to the modern interpretation of the aesthetics can be mirrored in the modern reproduction of the photographs (the book, magnets and iPhone case). Here is how simple it is to create both the magnets and the iPhone case:
1. This is the page where you can view other people’s cases they have designed. You simply sign in using your Instagram log-in details and you are ready to go!!
2. It’s really simply to create your case. Select from the drop-down menus on the left to help decided how your case should look eg. the cases design you want.
By logging in to your Instagram account, when designing your case your images appear at the bottom of the page in a scrolling form across the bottom.
3. You simply drag and drop the images you want on your case into the design on the phone and that’ll then appear on your case (in theory). Then it’s just a case of purchasing the case etc and waiting for the arrival.
This is my finished case that I have ordered and am now waiting for to be delivered.
These are the other cases I have designed. I have only chosen to buy the case on the far left hand side.
This is Stickygram. It allows you to log in to your Instagram account and create small magnets using tour images.
You simply click on the images you want (You have the choice of 9 in one set of magnets). And against it’s just the case of ordering and waiting for the product. I have also ordered my 9 magnets and am waiting on delivery.

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