My Own Analogue Polaroids.

9 Jan

Once upon a time there was a man called Ken, he owned the most beautiful Polaroid camera. He shot his Polaroids of his life and had many fun times snapping away gaining the snap-shot memories of his life. However, times soon moved on and Ken packed away his Polaroid camera into the depths of his cupboard and moved onto his next new photographic toy. The camera got left there for years and years and years, until one day, a young girl called Becky became interested in Polaroid. Ken announced that somewhere in the depths of his cupboard he owned a Polaroid camera. He searched the cupboard high and low and dusted off a black Polaroid camera bag. Sat inside was Ken’s Polaroid camera. He said ” Oh young Rebecca you  can have it, I don’t use it anymore!”. The young girl Becky thought all her Christmas’ came at once, she now owned a Polaroid camera. She purchased some film (which wasn’t cheap) and was ever so excited to try her new toy. She shot her 8 not so cheap Polaroids and was disappointed with her results. The images didn’t come out how she imagined and wondered whether she used the camera right, the film somehow fogged or whether she is actually a dense blonde that likes to think she knows what she is doing. Since this day she has been too scared to buy some more film in fear that she will waste another large sum of money. So lets hope she lives happily ever after and plucks up the courage to purchase more film and produce some Polaroids that she is proud of!

Photograph of the young girl’s Polaroid camera:

Below are the young Becky’s failed Polaroids:


Before her Polaroid camera:

7/8 years before having the Polaroid Land camera, Becky was given a FujiFilm Instax Mini 10 camera by her mummy and daddy, which works in a similar way to a Polaroid whereby the film ejects from the camera after exposure. What was special with this particular instant camera was that the film is the size of a credit card. It’s mini and extremely easy to use.

Having had the mini Fuji beforehand, Becky purchased a more modern version of the Polaroid Camera herself. This was the FujiFilm Instax Wide 210 Camera. She loves this camera even though it doesn’t follow Polaroid characteristics in terms of the film size and final image, but you are more likely to have a better exposed image, which kinda takes the Polaroid aesthetics away but is still has its own aesthetic and appeal.

Becky’s FujiFilm Instax Wide 210 camera images:

The FujiFilm Instax Wide 210 camera is more like the digital Polaroids I produce on my iPhone because of the heightened guarantee  that you’ll produce an image that is clear. The only obvious difference is the varying sizes of the digital Polaroid and the unconventional wide size of the Fuji Instax 210 film.

The differences among the Polaroid and FujiFilm can be seen when purchasing the film. Polaroid withdrew the Polaroid instant film, however, was redeveloped by The Impossible Project and they retail the film from £16/17 (excluding the £7.95 delivery charge!) for 8 single exposures. The FujiFilm on the other hand, retail their film from about £15/16 (in some cases including delivery) for 20 single exposures. The economical differences between these two types of film alone can be seen.

When introducing the digital Polaroids however, the economical differences can also be seen further. Digital is an age whereby printing digital images can cost next to nothing compared to the analogue technology. You don’t necessarily need to print the images but instantly share them in social networks and photo forums/blogs. The cost can instantly disappear. Even choosing to print from home computers now costa very little in comparison.

Although the digital is cheap and are more likely to get a clearly exposed image, it for me takes the analogue magic away. I like to be able to take the photograph with the original camera and watch the image develop before you. There is nothing like it. No digital App will ever effect me the same way analogue does. There is a certain sense of achievement when you do mange to achieve that one photograph that is amazing!! So for me…analogue all the way!!


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