11 Jan

This project has been one that has interested me from the very start. I find when I do projects I kind of lose interest or momentum with the project, however this project was different. The project set out to investigate the realm of analogue and digital processes within photography using the one piece of technology that it at the tips of most of our fingers…our mobile phones, specifically iPhones. There is a new world of technology within modern day mobile phones. iPhones are known as a ‘smart phone’ and their ability to use Apps (Applications), which enable you to use your phone on a much wider scale. For example, for this project I was looking into iPhone Apps for photography. There in one App in particular that I love, Instagram. This is an App that allows you alter the appearance of the photographs that you take on your phone and also have the ability to share these photographs on Instagram and other social networking sites. The alterations on the App resemble those that are analogue, for example, Polaroid of Kodachrome. The thing that fascinates me with these sorts of Apps is although the digital era is in its prime, it is always in some way seeking to resemble the old analogue aesthetics. The ability to take, alter and share images is at its easiest. The concept of this project isn’t necessarily what the subject of the piece is about, but rather the idea, methods and concept behind it.

Within this project I think certain elements have gone well and have scope to further into an extended or different project. I have been able to experiment with modern, digital technologies compared to my preferred analogue approaches and exploring new ground. I have always been against web sharing of my photographs and it has always been a minor phobia of mine, in fears that my work would get stolen or copied. This project has encouraged me to go against my fears and display and share my work digitally. It is a much more convenient approach and in some ways a cheaper way to produce your work.

I have learnt to apply digitally analogue aesthetics to photographs, without the necessary problem of making the images look too fake and false. The project has allowed me to understand that although I really don’t like digital editing programmes like Photoshop, in fears that the images will then look to fake and horrible, I really like the digital editing in Apps such as Instagram. The phrase, ‘a genuine fake’ comes to mind because although I hate photoshopped images I like the convincing editing aesthetics in Instagram, which seem like they could be more real in terms of analogue appearances than other editing programmes/Apps. It is a very weird phenomena that I am still trying to understand myself.

I think that the artefacts thats I have produced are good and reflect well in terms of how our modern world is now, with a much more varied way in  how you can present and display our images. The thing I love is that although the digital seeks to have the ease of not printing, we still seek to  have our images printed like analogue images. Although these are in ways of magnets, books, iPhone cases etc., our need in wanting the material object in our hands is still wanted.

There are also some weak points to my project that needs to be worked and be developed upon if I choose to continue with this project further. I am slightly disappointed with the amount of time I have spent on my minor project. It has suffered as a result of my dissertation and felt that more could be done to improve or develop the piece. With more time I feel I could experiment more with the subject matter of my pieces and create better mimics of the analogue uses and approaches that could be reflected in the digital. I have tried to produce images that I thought mimicked the traditional methods and subjects of the analogue, however, with that further research and experimentation that issue could be better resolved.

In terms of presentation I wanted to have mini installations for the pieces to show the analogue mimesis in the modern environment that we now all live in. I would have presented the magnets on a fridge door, presented the book amongst other magazines and books on a coffee table and actually have my iPhone case that I produced on my own phone.  I am really disappointed that the iPhone case did not get delivered in time due to the company ‘misplacing’ my order and as a result delaying the production and delivery of my product. The only fortunate thing with the phone case is that you are able to view the product online, however, this really isn’t ideal and what I wanted for my project.

I have also found it hard in some instances that trying to prepare and order things for my project over the Christmas period is a nightmare, as places close and do not commence work until the new year. This has proved to go against me in my project and as a result has suffered, weakening my final outcome and feeling rather disappointed with the finished article. I have worked really hard with this project but I feel that doesn’t really come across.

To conclude elements that could be built on next time:

  • Explore more with how analogue was used and what was being photographed and then apply that to the digital.
  • Research further into the Apps.
  • Built a better foundation on the subject matter.
  • Prepare my time better to try to avoid accidental misplacements etc.
  • Create a better presentation of my final piece (getting and using props that I ideally want).

Although I am not 100% happy with the final piece I think there is so much more scope for development, which I would really like to pursue in the near feature. I’m hoping to relate this project with my Major Project.


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