Final Presentation.

11 Jan

For my final presentation of my project I had the idea of creating mini installations that introduced my project pieces in the modern environment. For example, with my magnets I’d like to present them on a fridge door showing my image snap shots. Possibly display my digital Polaroids with the false frame, alongside my genuine Polaroids to compare the difference. Spread my book out with books/magazines of the present day and lay them on a coffee table as in you were in a casual environment at home etc. I would place my iPhone case on my phone to show the analogue inspired images on the digital technology that produced the images and also demonstrates the digital printing techniques.

However, I think I am currently unable to retain a fridge door that I could display for this project in such a short amount of time, as a result I am having to use a magnetic white board, which will need some imagination to create the illusion of a fridge door surface.

Another issue is that my iPhone cover has not yet arrived due to delivery issues, so I think I will have to show my cover online on the website I ordered it from. This is really not what I want or is ideal, however, I have little option. As a result I feel that my project is a little bit of a let down.

Below however, are the images I have chosen to place inside my magnetic Polaroid frames that will be displayed alongside some of my (failed) Polaroids. I chose these five images because I thought they were the ones that worked best in term of their subject matter and how they would relate back to the traditional use of the analogue.

As an additional element, I am thinking I will take in my FujiFilm Instant camera to photograph the the digital images, mimicking the analogue, in the modern environment with their modern printing approach, coming full circle in creating an analogue image of the products. So the project in essence will fold in on itself.


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