I’m a 21-year-old photography student, currently studying BA (Hons) in Contemporary Photographic Arts Practice. Within my own work I believe I don’t have a specific photographic ‘style’, because I feel categorising myself can be restrictive and can block my ability to experiment with new realms of photography. I primarily like to experiment with photography in an unconventional way and take it above and beyond what is conventionally expected. To help me do this I usually work with analogue film cameras. It feels me with so much more self accomplishment within my work and enables me to feel more attached to the images produced, achieving a sense of pride towards them.

Influences to create work is all around, however, there are numerous photographic artists who have inspired me with my own work. These include Lee Friedlander and Bertrand Fleuret, who go against the grain to conventional image compositions, creating some oddly divided images.  

Photography is an amazing medium to work with. There are endless possibilities that can be played with, which can produce some amazing pieces. I believe photography is unappreciated in our current society and should be accepted as a brilliant art form that can capture life in a different way.

Remember, do photography YOUR way!


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