Group Artists’ Statement

This Is Not A White Cube is inspired by a collective need to look beyond the conventions of the traditional photographic exhibition. As a group of Undergraduate Photo Art students we are seeking to explore new and reflective avenues of exhibition and distribution in the contemporary digital age.

As a reaction to the way the neutral white cube space attributes value to art work, separating audience from artist, we are embracing the concept of ‘peripatetic’ to create non-static exhibiting spaces, both ‘virtual’ and ‘real’.
Each of the eight artists involved has chosen their own interpretation of this theme, with a broad range of approaches disseminated in the ‘physical’ and/or ‘digital’ realms.

These works are premised on an element of interactive exchange from viewers or participants, redefining conventional understandings of audience as passive consumers. The idea that feedback could be received and experienced via the ‘audience’ input is crucial to both processes and outcomes for each artist. In some instances this is considered from a critical position in relation to the conventionalised ‘polite’ feedback given in virtual contexts such as Flickr.

‘Audiences’ are encouraged to interact with theses works in ways that lead away from the traditional notions of the photographic print as a revered object. In some cases physical engagement and the keeping of objects/images as ‘gifts’ or souvenirs is encouraged with custom created artefacts distributed to the public. Those artists working in the virtual realm have sought ways to reach a wide and diverse audience, testing potential for mass responses in a space already saturated with images.
The synthesis of these individual explorations is brought together in a collective event in the form of a peripatetic walk. With the route determined by the artists, each showcases their work at specific points along the journey. This concept of the exploratory walk fits with the playful nature of the explorative works and enables reflection upon processes in a ‘real world’ event.
Participating Artists:
Becky Barton
Hollie Burdett
Anthony Da Vall
Lucy Gunn
Joshua High
Edward Kiefer
Kieran McIntyre
Flee Mgee
BA (Hons) Contemporary Photographic Arts Practice
Northbrook College, Sussex.


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